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Help in reaching targets for HEQ certification

The requirements for HEQ commercial building certification consist of ensuring the same environmental performance in the medium and long term, in operation, and in user safety. Among the different labels, obtaining HEQ Operation Certification is an official confirmation of the good environmental performance of a building, with regard to its impact on the environment and the comfort and safety of its users. With this goal, the NEW IONIC systems satisfy the numerous criteria of the label in terms of eco-management and health:

Target #4: Energy management

• Whatever the methods used for heating water (solar, thermic, heat pump) the goal is to preserve the yield of the installation. By suppressing limescale in installations, the COP is preserved; as a consequence the yield of energy produced / consumed is always optimal. (1mm of limescale = 7% of energy lost). The hot or cold water loops retain their performance without either sludge or corrosion.
• The yield optimisation solutions for combustion in boilers allows for a practical solution to the demands of energy economy.

Target #5: Water management

• The ECS loops, networks of iced water or heat are permanently treated without any chemical products, harmful to the environment.

• The replacement of softeners by NEW IONIC allows for a reduction in consumption of 10% (loss in regeneration water) and by suppressing chemical inputs (biocides, filmogens, anti-corrosives…)

Target #7: Upkeep and maintenance management

• Water no longer deposits limescale: reduced maintenance, fewer leaks from toilet flushes, taps…

• NEW IONIC equipment is maintenance-free. Just ensure that the reusable filters are cleaned once or twice per year.

• Lifespan: +20 years.

• Pipework lasts much longer

Target #14: Sanitary water quality

• The water is of excellent quality, by the elimination of bacteria and biofilm in the cold water network, right up to the terminal points

• What’s more? Legionella can no longer proliferate : by suppressing their habitat (no limescale) and food (no more biofilm) associated with a much improved input water quality, the development of bacteria is completely controlled

This means that, with ARIONIC, all the efforts for certification which were put in hand during the conception and construction of the building are assured operational continuity for over 20 years. It is therefore a strong environmental commitment, delivered by NEW IONIC solutions – a real technological break-through in the maintenance of buildings.